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Our goal at Crypto Beginner is to help educate and instruct beginner crypto investors in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in order to bring awareness, along with guidance, and understanding of how to create wealth from Cryptocurrency.

However, we are NOT Investment Advisors so we encourage you to Do Your Own Research! To help you get started, below are a few of the XRP-centric YouTube Channel we follow, and or support.

Along with providing bullish content for new Cryptocurrency investors, we intend to publish a broad range of cryptospace content for intermediate and advanced crypto investors also.

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Cold Storage – How To Use Your Ledger NanoX

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AMTV Academy

To start your cryptocurrency adventure, you’re going to need to learn about the acronym KYC. What is KYC? No, it’s not Kentucky York City. It’s Know Your Customer. Wikipedia

This means you’re going to have to release some information like you would at the bank. Driver License, and image ( selfie ) of yourself, and your EIN, TIN, or dare I say, your Social Security Number. Now, believe me, I know a lot of people will throw their hands up as soon as they read this. But let me tell you from experience having signed up to and been using coin market exchanges like Binance.us since they began. Your information is safe. The important thing you should be thinking about is that they want this information. I would be nervous if the exchange didn’t care who they were signing up. They are protecting you and themselves, by knowing their customers.

Well, you made it past that. So now you can go to Tab 2, Binance, us to truly begin.

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Coming in June!! How to set up a crypto Base of Operations including where to get crypto, how to store, and exit strategy examples.