Cryptocurrencies, The New Digital Dollar, CBDCs and Ripple’s XRP

What if I told you there’s a technology that exists that has the intent to be a one-world ledger, to record all transactions between all parties and values, including everyday items you’d purchase, real estate, stocks, bonds, the world’s debt, traditional fiat currencies, investment vehicles, and essentially everything and every account worldwide. Most financial advisors and institutional investors… and even retail investors are not yet aware that this technology exists and the company Ripple has relationships with nearly every central bank on Earth, major companies like Amazon, American Express, Vanguard and leading banks like Bank of America which site Ripple in patent applications.

Let’s do a couple of use cases on the future of digital money. I believe Bitcoin maximalists or Bitcoin investors would be interested in the exploration and how different use cases of Bitcoin’s distributed ledger technology would/could be utilized.

Let’s take a look at a Bitcoin transaction in the future. Let’s say you bought a cup of coffee that usually costs $2 USD, however in Bitcoin at a price of let’s say $10,000 USD per Bitcoin (BTC), that cup of coffee would cost .0002 BTC from ‘XYZ’ merchant. What Bitcoin does during this transaction is record how much each party has in each respective digital wallet, and what two parties were included in the transaction, at what time the transaction happened, and this information is distributed through multiple ledgers worldwide. What Bitcoin’s ledger does not do (and I believe this is very important to the future of a globally recognized digital reserve currency) is record what unique identifiers of what assets were transferred (such as a UPC or SKU code for tangible items, and MLS number for real estate, or a CUSIP code for stocks or bonds).

Using the same example listed above, using XRP’s on Demand Liquidity and distributed ledger technology, whether you bought a cup of coffee from a merchant company, or from your friend an individual, the XRP ledger would record which individual or company transacted what value between each party, when the transaction took place, what the unique value identifier of what that asset or value is, and which asset – such a currency was used for the transaction. Therefore, I believe every transaction of every value and asset worldwide will inevitably be on the XRP ledger, recorded through each Central Bank’s Digital Currency, through each’s Federal Reserve Member’s banks, and through the Interledger Protocol (ILP) through Ripple’s XRP.

Therefore, Bitcoin’s distributed ledger, while impressive and futuristic, is limited in its ability to capture all the information needed to be a one world ledger for everything. Bitcoin essentially records the value of itself, who owns what Bitcoin, and the transactions between Bitcoin. XRP’s distributed ledger has the ability to record all the values and information needed for every transaction, for all of history, for all of mankind.

I believe XRP to be the new One World Ledger, or will be better known as the Global Reserve Digital Currency. Every Central Bank will have its own CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and all their member banks and institutions will use the same ledger. Therefore all transactions (individual-individual, individual-company, and company-company) and all values will be on one ledger. They’re branded as On-Demand Liquidity and is the only tool I’m aware of available to the world’s elite and central banks to bail out every industry and the global debt worldwide by the appreciation and mass adoption of XRP. We’re quickly entering into a cashless society, and XRP is positioned perfected as “On-Demand Liquidity” inevitably to save everyone from this liquidity crisis.

Another way to explain it is that Ripple is to XRP as Exxon is to Oil. Ripple and Exxon are the companies and XRP and Oil are the currencies/commodities. The whole world will inevitably use XRP, and Ripple will continue to raise money to increase the mass adoption of XRP worldwide.

I encourage every financial advisor, on behalf of you, your families, and your clients, to learn more about Ripple’s technology, how it’s utility could far exceed that of Bitcoin’s and how I believe the technology has what’s needed to actually be a one-world ledger. Also, it is the only tool I’m aware of available to the central banks to bail out every government, industry, and the people from this black swan coronavirus event.

We live in a world of relationships. No one has a physical relationship with Bitcoin. Ripple’s XRP and leadership has a relationship with many of the who’s who of the society of world leaders internationally, major corporations, and central banks as mentioned in this article, and is branded as “On-Demand Liquidity” which you’ll increasingly see is the issue and need everywhere! LIQUIDITY LIQUIDITY LIQUIDITY! Does Bitcoin offer liquidity?

For the record, I don’t think that Bitcoin is going to zero and I believe that Bitcoin will continue to increase in value alongside XRP and a couple of other select cryptocurrencies with real utility. Bitcoin, even though it’s the first and currently the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, lacks the utility needed by central banks to bail out world governments and industries from all this debt. The only technology capable of tracking all details of anything imaginable of value between people and companies currently appears to be Ripple’s XRP. Welcome to the Internet of Value (IoV).

What if you knew about Bitcoin when it was a couple of cents? As of March 25, 2020, XRP is floating around $0.16 XRP/USD.

What is the value of knowing about the future one-world ledger before it has mass adoption worldwide? I don’t believe Bitcoin has the ability to be a ledger for everything – it’s just a ledger of itself.

What is the value of knowing about the future Global Digital Reserve Currency before it’s officially announced?

Are there any other cryptocurrencies that are trying to claim to be the one world ledger? Are there any other cryptocurrencies that have relationships with central banks and world leaders like Ripple? To my knowledge, no. It’s not like the central banks and world leaders need multiple one world ledgers. They only need one.

If we truly are ushering into a one-world currency in a cryptocurrency type of way, that’s cashless, then what will become the Global Digital Reserve Currency?

Hopefully, this coronavirus pandemic resolves quickly, However, if not and the global equity markets happen to close due to the sharp decline in markets, then will crypto markets also close? I tend to side with no, the crypto markets will remain open even if the equity markets close, however, time will tell. Either way, I’m keeping a close eye on XRP (and BTC) and the rollout of a potential cashless society.

Originally Posted: Wednesday, March 25, 2020
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 1 2020

SOURCE: AdvisorBid