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Reasons to Run a Validator

The robustness of the XRP Ledger depends on an interconnected web of validators who each trust a few other validators not to collude. The more operators with different interests there are who run validators, the more certain each member of the network can be that it continues to run impartially. If you or your organization relies on the XRP Ledger, it is in your interest to contribute to the consensus process.

Not all rippled servers need to be validators: trusting more servers from the same operator does not offer better protection against collusion. An organization might run validators in multiple regions for redundancy in case of natural disasters and other emergencies.

If your organization runs a validating server, you may also run one or more stock servers, to balance the computing load of API access, or as a proxy between your validation server and the outside network.

For more information about running a validator, see Run rippled as a Validator.