• #1 XRP is a NEW Asset Class

    • Cash
    • Stocks
    • Bonds
    • Securities
    • Real Estate
    • Digital Currency
  • #2 The People involved in Ripple (XRP) are Ivy Leaguers that left their jobs to go to a little “start-up” called Ripple


    • Chris Larsen, Executive Chairman – San Francisco University | Co-founder e-Loan | Co-founder Prosper Marketplace | Board Member Credit Karma
    • Brad Garlinghouse, CEO – MBA Harvard | AOL, Yahoo! | DialPad | Silver Lake Partners | Outmatch | Ancestry.com | Tonic Health
    • Marcus Treacher, SVP Customer Success – University of Nottingham | Nium | Whitechapel | Chaps | SWIFT | HSBC | Citi | Citigroup | Accenture
    • David Schwartz, CTO – University of Houston | NSA | Webmaster Inc | Superstar Programmer | Architect of the XRPL
    • Asheesh Birla, SVP Product & Corp Development – University of Michigan & Wharton | MoneyGram | Bitso | Wharton Guest Speaker
    • Stuart Alderoty, General Counsel – Rutgers University | CIT Group and HSBC North America Holdings | Managing Counsel at American Express | President and CEO of American Express’ Consumer Card Business
    • Susan Athey – Duke, Stanford | Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business
    • Ken Kursen – Editor in Chief of Observer Media | Green Magazine |  Financial Analyst CNNFN | Past Advisor to President Donald J. Trump
    • Ben Lawsky – Columbia Law, Columbia College – Former superintendent of financial services for the state of New York | chief of staff for Governor Andrew Cuomo | Co-chair of Governor Cuomo’s Cyber Security Advisory Board | Creator of BitLicense
    • Anja Manuel – Harvard University, Stanford University – Director of the Aspen Strategy Group and Aspen Security Forum | Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
    • Yoshitaki Kitao – Keio University, Cambridge University – President of SBI Holdings, Japan
  • #3 First Mover Advantage

    In terms of a digital asset that can actually be used, XRP was the first. Bitcoin is only useful as a store-of-value. Bitcoin is slow, costly, and proof-of-work doesn’t work. XRP is the first digital asset that has utility.

  • #4 The Technology

    Ripple technology is being guided and driven by the most successful team in the industry. XRP is scalable, most inexpensive, and fastest digital asset ever created.

  • #5 World Economy

    Most of us realized that in 2008 when the economy crashed and large corporations were bailed out by the U.S. Government, the world would never be the same. We realized that the U.S. Economy was done.

    Banks bailing out companies opened Pandora’s Box. When individuals like Warren Buffet get a call to help bail out companies with a guarantee for the Government, the United States ceased to be a capitalistic country.

    The global economy was either going down in flames or the powers-that-be had to do something to prevent the largest crash in the history of economics.

    At this point, digital assets were born. Now we are experiencing The Greatest Transfer of Wealth the world has ever known. Our world will never be the same.